Maddy Diamond bio

Born in Canberra, Maddy Diamond has spent her last 8 years successfully combining atmosphere, smart lyrics and fish. While living and travelling throughout Australia and overseas, Maddy’s Marine Biology (Hon.) study has given her some amusing anecdotes, a unique accent, and a musical style to match. It comes as no surprise that marine imagery and themes are at the forefront of her song writing as well as her instrumental works for piano or string quartets.


Live, Maddy has an elegant but ballsy charisma as she moves fluidly between resonator and classical guitar, and piano, with fishy tales in between. Most of them inform her songs. Most of them true. 2016 saw her living on a Canadian marine research base so remote that she survived by rowing across the inlet to procure vital staples. Like beer. Frequently.



To date, Maddy’s songs have earned her a raft of awards in the South Australian Festival of Original Music (2012-2018). She releases her Australian debut album on February 12th at The Wheatsheaf.  “East of the Morning, West of the Dusk” available online February 12th.